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Sharing What You're Made Of - Part 2

October 14, 2005

Sometimes our jobs are just way too much fun. Your entries for the Show Us What You're Made Of Contest are blowing us away! The entry from Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida was creating quite a buzz around the cubes yesterday. To start, they have one of the best taglines around: "Our sole purpose is to give your soul purpose." Ccmag_4  This hip-hop church submitted two items: a welcome magazine and a mix CD they use for evangelism purposes. The welcome magazine is an alternative to the traditional welcome packet or tri-fold brochure, and is much more in tune with the community they are trying to reach. It has a great urban look and feel which just makes you want to share it and pass it around. And they have used in-house designers and like-minded advertisers to help reduce the cost of the piece. The mix CD (Crossover Cypha Mixx CD) not only includes hip-hop and Rn'B tunes, but also testimonials and an invitation to establish a personal relationship with Christ. What we love about these entries is that they are great examples of creatively stretching to reach people in their own context, right where they are.

There's still time to Show Us What You're Made Of - we're taking submissions throughout the month of October. Keep checking back for more cool ideas!


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