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January 14, 2010

A quick review of our everyday interactions reveals a disturbing trend. From poor customer service to road rage, the mood of our culture is one of disregard and disrespect. But the roots of rudeness are formed long before that person cuts us off in traffic.

In this message, Ed Young peels back the layers of our bad behavior and points us to God's ideal. And we will discover how some small adjustments can lead to the great results in everyday life.

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Length: 52:44


Everyone notices them; few people openly discuss them. They are the words that build the basis for our behavior, the actions that establish the essence of etiquette. But do the details of our personal conduct truly matter when the world is dealing with so many major issues?

In this new series, Ed Young tackles a subject that is rarely, if ever, discussed in church as he reveals the power behind the details in life. And as we discover the truth about the details, we learn how the smallest adjustments in behavior often produce the greatest results in life.



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